“Jessica worked with our son for 3 years, starting when he was in the third grade. At the time he was struggling with reading, but had gotten by in school as he had strong comprehension skills. Jessica was able to catch his issues early on, identifying his decoding deficits. Working with her was the best thing we could have done for our son. He is now in middle school, getting over 95% in ELA, thanks to all the foundational skills Jessica helped solidify.” -Wendy S. 

“I highly endorse Jessica. She began working with my daughter shortly after 1st grade. Despite my daughter being very bright and having a high verbal IQ, she still could not read. Jessica essentially taught her to read after working with her intensively for a couple of months. Turns out my daughter just had a some significant holes in her learning that Jessica was able to assess and fill in for her. Jessica expanded her reach which greatly aided in her confidence in school. My daughter is now in 5th grade and still works with Jessica once a week (now focusing on math) because she loves and trusts her so much—Jessica has instilled so much convince in my daughter and working with her has made her love math as much as reading. Jessica is a wonderful fit for my daughter. She is warm and encouraging but she doesn’t let my daughter goof off (which she can do with less firm teachers.). Jessica is masterful at knowing exactly where to push my daughter so that challenges are not too difficult and she is great at breaking down complex learning into really simple steps she can manage so my daughter feels encouraged and successful. I highly, highly recommend her.” – Erin M.  

“Jessica is a wonderful tutor; she is truly one of a kind. My daughter had a variety of learning issues that were making school feel impossible for her. Jessica knew exactly how to connect with Zoe to get her on track. She is a warm, encouraging person who knows how to reach each child where they are at and get them to move forward. My daughter looked forward to Jessica’s arrival each week and worked diligently with her. Jessica has a unique ability to get the nuances of how each child learns and adapt her approach to fit the child in front of her. This kind of nuance comes from years of experience as an educator and special educator. Jessica brings all this to your home. She is so delightful to be with that I, too, looked forward to seeing her each week. I can’t recommend Jessica strongly enough.”  – Laurie W. 

“Jessica started working with our daughter the summer before she entered Kindergarten. She assessed Sami one day one and instantly connected with her. Jessica tutored Sami for three years, when we had to stop because Sami was in her 2nd grade class. Sami was great at decoding but struggled greatly with comprehension. Jessica spent each session working on comprehension while making Sami feel confident in her decoding skills. My daughter absolutely adored Jessica and has never worked so hard as she did during their time together.” – Stephanie B.